Veneh, is a poetic depiction of transition. In a film set in a referential Karelian village at the turn of the last century, a young girl prepares for her wedding and to leave home. Combining ethnographic filming, drama and music video genres, the film is a strong sensory experience. Veneh steers to update the silent film Häiden vietto Karjalan runomailla, shot in the 1921, and blows life into the Karelian landscape familiar from I.K Inha's pictures. The language used in the film is Livvi-Karelian. Veneh is the first film ever made in the Karelian language.

Veneh premiered in 2016, after which it has been shown e.g. Rossija 1 TV channel in Russia, Kaustinen Folk Music Festival, Helsinki Music Hall with Touko Taiga festivals, Oulu Film Center, Karelian Summer Days in Jyväskylä and numerous other festivals and events around Finland. Veneh won the award for the best Finnish short film at the Scandinavian International Film Festival 2017.